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"Facilitating research and educational opportunities that advance the understanding of issues impacting rural California amongst policymakers
and the public."


Rural Advancement Institute aims to educate the public and government officials and facilitate research to develop evidence-based solutions that help rural counties overcome some of the greatest challenges of today.


Mono County Hosts RCRC Board of Directors Meeting & Tour in Mammoth Lakes.jpg


Educational Tours

Rural Advancement Institute is currently creating programs that provide rural tours to policymakers from urban areas of the state.  The purpose of this program is to familiarize decision-makers with RCRC member counties and their issues and concerns. By providing education and networking opportunities, we hope to chart a path to effective policy changes for rural communities.   



Academic Research

Rural Advancement Institute is currently working on high quality, data-driven research regarding the impacts of federal and state policymaking on rural communities. A major objective of the research projects is to advance efforts to inform and guide policymakers toward solutions that provide positive outcomes for rural residents and communities in California and across the nation. 

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